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Meet Rose

After experiencing first hand the benefits of acupuncture concerning my own health, I was fascinated at the foundational principle of seeing and treating the individual as a whole. While working in a hospital setting, I noticed the differences in how East Asian medicine and Western medicine approached healthcare. While I hold a strong respect and interest in Western medicine, I’ve found that the alternative approach of East Asian medicine of treating on all levels of mind and body was the most effective, as one directly affects the other. The approach of keeping oneself in consistent optimal health gives way to longevity, and the ability to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.  I’m still amazed at both, the efficacy and diverse ways in which it can enhance and promote vitality no matter where you are on your journey of healing. I am grateful to support you on that journey, and to meet you where you are while assisting you in taking one step forward after another.


Education & Licensing

State of California, Board of Acupuncture, Licensed Acupuncturist

Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Master's Degree

Yo San University, Traditional Chinese Medicine

University of California at San Diego, Bachelor’s Degree in SociologyCertified Sound Healer